Burbank's Premier Ice Teacher  - Coach MARY LUCAS
L.A.    BURBANK     PASADENA    GLENDALE     E. HOLLYWOOD    STUDIO CITY                             Call-or-Text:  Mary Lucas (323) 314-2948    

      Glide! Float! Fly!

              "There is nothing more beautiful than Ice Skating.

              No matter if it's Figure Skating, Speed Skating, or Hockey."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Mary Lucas, Ice Instructor.

     As a pasionate, certified Ice Teacher and Coach, Mary Lucas knows that your free time and leisure activities are important to you. Therefore, it's no surprise that she's already prepared a diverse range of services to meet your recreational and entertainment interests concerning all that is Ice Skating. 

     To simply meet this wonderful teacher, to experience her dedication, her focus, (along with her sense of humor!), and in no time you will see why she is one of the monumental go-to skating coaches for the entire LOS ANGELES area, as well as the Southern California television and movie industry.

     Whether you are looking to learn a new and exciting skill, make new friends, or just discover a calorie-burning way to exercise that will help you develop physical grace and a killer posture, Coach Mary Lucas can help!

     All you need to do is CLICK on Easy Contact (above) to book a meeting and/or evauation.