Burbank's Premier Ice Teacher  - Coach MARY LUCAS
L.A.    BURBANK     PASADENA    GLENDALE     E. HOLLYWOOD    STUDIO CITY                             Call-or-Text:  Mary Lucas (323) 314-2948    

About Mary Lucas

     As a youth, Mary Lucas competed under her maiden name of Mary Openshaw. During the 80's she became a Gold Medalist in School Figures and still holds a Silver Medal in Ice Dancing. Her path was World Class.

     Mary left figure skating for nearly two decades to marry, study graphic arts, and pursue her photo business. In her early 40's, she decided to return to compete in a then-new catagory, Adult Seniors. She rapidly worked her way up through the ranks to become a respected U.S. National's Finalist and Champion, as well as a solo exibitionist!

     Coach Lucas enjoys teaching every age group. "If a kid can walk and talk, and has a genuine interest, I can teach that child to skate," she exclaims. ...However, Mary Lucas excels and delights in encouraging first-time adults to learn to skate because, as she says, "I know what your going through! I really do. I've been a later-in-life ice competitor. I've been there!"

     Furthermore she states, "It's all about communication. Different age groups need to be communicated with differently. An adult student is not only more sophisticated, but also has different anxieties and apprehensions than say a 10 year old. There has to be a different kind of trust between the Coach and the adult student." Mary likes to say, "For any person any age, the Coach should be able to hone in and find out what the student is needing, and not what the Coach is used to teaching."

This ability to instinctively, successfully instruct people of varying ages and skill ranges, has had the local Entertainment Industry beating down her door. For instance? Lucas taught more than just the beginning basics to lead actress Michelle Tracktenburg [*Buffy the Vampire Slayer] , who then went on to convincingly portray the young skating champion for the Disney movie, "Ice Princess."

                                      DISNEY's ICE PRINCESS, Michelle Tracktenberg with Mary Lucas  


More recently, Lucas privately coached Rebecca Budig [*All My Children] , and Ms. Budig rose up the competition ladder to become the first US champion on the CBS televised, "Skating With the Stars."  In fact, Lucas' abilty to influence actors goes all the way back to Paul Newman's training for that classic hockey movie "Slap Shot." Just ask her about it!  Mary has many such stories.

     In brief, Mary Lucas has an innate skill to analyze, then help her students to refine and achieve their ice skating goals. They become proficient in an amazingly short period of time! **



     *  Denotes only one of many rolls the actor is famous for.

    **  Disclaimer: Every person learns at their own pace. No two students are alike.