Burbank's Premier Ice Teacher  - Coach MARY LUCAS
L.A.    BURBANK     PASADENA    GLENDALE     E. HOLLYWOOD    STUDIO CITY                             Call-or-Text:  Mary Lucas (323) 314-2948    


Mary Lucas, from her own personal history, is highly qualified in instructing all levels of Figure Skating for children, pre-teens, teens, and especially for adults. Students can learn to improve their skill sets just for personal satisfaction and pleasure. ...For added excitement and challenge, there's always mutli-level competitions available in Solo Skating, Pair Skating, Ice Dancing, or Theater on Ice. These all-ages artforms incorporate music and choreography to enhance the skater's (and the viewer's) experiences. This is one hobby where work equals fun!


Coach Lucas has instructed MANY children, both girls and boys, in the important basics of Hockey Skating: balance, speed, and edge control. Skating forwards and backwards are also vital elements. When the skater achieves the appropriate mastery and exactitude of these basics, she/he will be transferred to a higher level Hockey Instructor to learn stick-and-puck maneuvering, as well as how to ultimately work as a team.

There are many amateur Hockey Teams to be found all through-out Los Angeles.


Coach Lucas has experience in getting beginner skaters started in this fast and fluid style of skating, complete with it's specific stroking movements, gravity-defying turns, and highly specialized equipment.

Once a student's skills become acceptable, the student will be turned over to an appropriate Speed Skating Master so the student can pass up into higher levels of speed skating and subsequent competitions.